Home for children: strategy of Empire Group

Home for children: strategy of Empire Group

Cocobay investors research the needs of users, choose the niche potential that other businesses have not paid attention.

Empire Group has introduced more than 350 condotel Coco Wonderland Resort condos for children, designed as a light castle. This project belongs to Cocobay Da Nang Complex with investment scale of over 11,000 billion VND. Previously, Cocobay launched Wellness Condotel with emphasis on beauty and energy regeneration, or Boutique Hotel for young people to move.

Trinh Viet Hung, deputy general director of the Empire Group, said that targeting the real estate, tourism and entertainment segment, most recently, the project was to serve only children differently. Many ways to attract buyers, for 3 reasons.

Concentrate on the story of selling combs

During the test of 3 businessmen, the company director assigned 1,000 combs to each person and asked to bring them to the temple.

The first employee who insisted all day begged the monk to sell a few. The second boy after the scene of the temple, the wind blowing hair mess. Taking this excuse, he came to the abbot persuaded to buy the comb with the reason, “the donor of the cross to offer incense, not worship in front of the Buddha, Buddhists brush their hair neatly. ” The abbot agreed to buy 10 units placed in 10 pavilion rest areas.

The third person went straight to the temple to meet the abbot suggesting the item as a gift to the charity at the temple. He said: “You have more calligraphy than people, please write three words ‘good companion’ as a gift. The temple is excited to buy 1,000 units as gifts.

Tourists hear the rumor to the pagoda memorabilia acclaimed merit. The people poured more into the temple to burn incense and the company signed a contract to sell thousands of combs for the temple.

“Compared to the first two salespersons, the third employee has a broader perspective, and he knows how to stimulate new demand, thereby creating a different market. How to look ahead to the future needs of everyone, “Hung concluded.

Target your child’s needs

“The children are the object strongly impact on the family decide where to travel. So why do not we create a project for the customer child?”, Hung shared the reason for development. condotel project Coco Wonderland Resort, designed as a light castle for young children.

Condotel fairy Coco Wonderland Resort.
Condotel fairy Coco Wonderland Resort.

When staying and playing here, they will be living in the space of fairy tales in the land of magic with fairy garden fairytale garden – home to fungus Trum, forest light trees, lake magic, labyrinth, tree houses, carriage pumpkin chariot, mirror god transform, flower garden glitter …

All other facilities such as swimming pool, coffee shop, pool bar & ice-cream, lounge … have fairy color.

This is also the only condotel in the Cocobay complex that owns the Snow Queen and the 1,100m2 cinema – the largest scale in the Central.

The project is invested in many utilities for children.
Just tapping 1% of the entertainment market has great interest.

Trinh Viet Hung said that Vietnam has more than 23 million children, while the income of young parents is increasing and they are willing to spend everything to bring good things to their children.

In addition, the size of the children’s entertainment market is estimated at $ 3.1 billion a year, with a 30% return on the market. Therefore, this niche has much potential for development.

“Only 1% of the pie has succeeded and investors investing in this project can make a profit,” said Hung, confident of the market for entertainment in Vietnam.


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